Updated: May 30, 2017

There were two ways to look at the beginning of the 2017 season. Our OVFL teams won a combined 3 games in 2016 so you might be worried. We lost our Peewee Coach to the Rebels and with him our peewee team and many bantams. More worry.  Our tykes were coming off a 7 member team and we didn’t have an atom team. More worry. But it hasn’t really turned out that way.

We played 5 games on Sunday on a beautiful day at Esther Shiner. The tykes, decimated by rained out practices and other challenges including game day no shows, did field a team and played a competitive 18-6 defeat to a 20 member Brampton team. They showed the effects of a lack of practice but with a bye week and 4 practices to go coaches Cowie and Weaver should be able to sharpen up the execution and the kids move forward, having fun! Way to go Tykes!

Next up was the ever challenged but ever diligent Bantam team. New Coach Dibartolomeo has barely been able to piece together a single consistent practice because of losses of up playing peewees and new bantam recruits but to his and his staffs credit put together an effort against North Bay and despite the 48-0 loss, MTW has suffered many worse losses with much bigger MTW teams. This team will be challenged all year but they are carrying the MTW mantle for future OVFL seasons and they deserve a great deal of credit for the service they do for MTW. MTW is very proud of you Bantams for that effort. Just stick to it and learn.

Then the VCats took to the field in a match-up against Cornwall against which we have had mixed results in the last few years. Cornwall looks as usual not spectacular but with great execution and some speed. With that they took a 21-7 lead until the 3:26 mark of the 4th quarter. Then something happened. In summary Teshaun throws a deep laser for a TD to make it 21-14 with the Knight kick. The ensuing brilliant call by Coach Gretes on the kickoff and perfect execution by Knight dropped it in a hole left by Cornwall through which Jerome Adams cut through picked up the ball and came close to paydirt. Few plays later and Knights kick it’s tied 21-21 with under 2 minutes. Cornwall then takes the ball but a reinvigorated MTW defense pressured hard and forced a fumble. 5 played later…Touchdown! MTW up 28-21 with under a minute left. Cornwall showed some jitters and their QB forced a throw which was intercepted and MTW comes back with 21 points in 3 minutes to get a massive win for Coach Gretes and his amazing staff! Simply put it was a top 3 game ever played at Shiner after the overtime punt through the endzone q final win in 2006 over Kingston and the 27 point comeback by the Nassar/Babin team in 2010 over Huronia. Incredible! Win in Game 1 in 2017. That didn’t come until week 6 in 2016!

JV up next. The first half showed a very powerful MTW team. A brutally pounding running game ate up time a yardage against a North Bay defense that didn’t look ready for the weight of the big JCat running backs. So much so we had a 16-1 lead through much of the first half. Accenting the John brothers et al in the running game was that sprint out pass-run attack we are used to from Forshaw. However North Bay was stingy and while we seems to stray a bit from what worked in the first half, the Bulldogs outscored MTW 21-7 the rest of the way. However the safety forced by the J’s D in the first quarter was the difference in their 23-21 win. That’s a win in game 1 in 2017. In 2016..no wins period. Way to go Coach Devatsey and staff. JCats its a different year!

The Atoms, much like their tyke OMFL brothers were facing low numbers and an injury to TreVon arguably their best player. it was a fight against Brampton but their same practice issues showed in a 38-0 loss. But as is the case with the tykes. ..lots of time and lots of improvement to be made. Well dont just to get here Coach Campbell and the boys/girls!

In all we hurt a bit where we knew we would but we got W’s where we were very unsure so lets consider this a big step forward for MTW after week1.

Thanks you to all the Governors and support volunteers for managing the off field requirements you made it easy for the kids to play and none of it happens with out you!