Jay Sweeney Director of Fan Development NFL Canada

“The Metro Toronto Wildcats do an outstanding job at developing young football players on and off the field. Their website torontowildcats.com is indicative of just how much the program genuinely cares about growing and promoting football in this country.”

Shawn Gore WR BC Lions 2010-current, Bishop’s University – Newtonbrook Collegiate Institute – MTW 2005-2006

“The one word to describe how the Wildcats program have helped me is “WOW” everything I have learned on and off the field has been 100% applicable here at high school, it has improved everything I do from running, catching, blocking, everything, I believe the biggest thing I have gained from the Wildcats is knowledge of the game and all positions on the field, I have been able to help transfer key tips and skills to new and improving players at Newtonbrook. I am extremely proud and grateful to be a Wildcat.”

Kevin Logan WR Lafayette College NCAA DIAA Pennsylvania – York memorial – MTW 2002-2003

From NFLCanada.com “If Logan’s encouraging start to the season continues and he blossoms and catches the eye of CFL scouts, he will always remember Toronto where he came to the attention of US colleges while with the Metro Toronto Wildcats.”

“I tell everybody that was the most important time in my football career because high school ball is not as big as it is here and the summer leagues in where everybody comes to play. It is like an all-star team playing against the best competition, which got me ready to play here.”

Marco Isakov QB University of Western Ontario CIS – Lawrence Park – MTW 2004-2008

“The prep for games that coach D and coach Rainford do helped a lot because you don’t see that in High school. Also, the caliber at which coach Prisco runs the team with the amount of respect and faith the players have for him is similar to that of coach Marshall… Mike (Danischewsky) has taught me a lot about being a leader and always coming ready to play so you will see a new side of me this summer”

Max Bruce QB Manitoba Bisons National Champions 2007 – Upper Canada College – MTW 2005-2007

“The road to where I am today would have NEVER been possible if it wasn’t for the wildcats and everyone in the organization. I can’t begin to thank you enough…I still can’t stress enough how many the wildcats mean to me! I am always proud to be a wildcat and part of the wildcat family.”

Alex DaPrato S Queens University – North Toronto Collegiate Institute – MTW 2005-2006

“I feel extremely well prepared coming from Wildcats, the coaching and techniques we learned in the summer are integral in university”

Stu Van Dusen Trinity College (Texas) – OL Upper Canada College – MTW 2005-2006

“I feel I have improved greatly from a year ago and I owe all of that to Wildcats. It was sincerely the best summer of my life, and I got so much better at both O and D-line. Before playing Wildcats, I didn’t think playing in University was possible but now I feel I’ve improved drastically and I am most likely going to be playing in University as well as continuing to play for MTW.

John Weir RB Northern Secondary School
“We are so excited to be the new Toronto Bowl Champions with a score of 21 – 9 last Wednesday, Nov. 17th, at Varsity Stadium. Richview gave us a great game but our defense was well prepared and played a fantastic game managing to get possession so our strong offence could take over. We had a winning season, 8-0 and many thanks go to our coaches, in particular, Coaches Hutton, Gaw, & Calendar. I would like to thank all the coaches who put in many hours helping the huge squad at Northern, we had our ups & downs, but most of all we had a great time and loads of fun as a team. Also, many thanks all my friends & team mates for the fun and successful season. Overall, the Toronto Wildcats helped me become the player I am today, I learned so much playing for them this spring & summer. With only a couple of months playing during the fall of 2003, they took me on & taught me so much. I really appreciate their help in making me who I am today on the field.
THANKS to the Wildcats organization!
There are definitely a few new potential Wildcats from Northern Red Knights squad.”

Anthony Foster LB North Toronto Collegiate Institute
“As a player playing MTW vastly improved my abilities both tangible and intangible. As a player I have a better understanding for my position, and have as well have gained a versatility that has enabled me to play almost all positions on the defense. I attribute this to the MTW’s winter and preseason conditioning regimen which has allowed me to make great strides in my agility, speed and strength. The leadership qualities and discipline I learned from the other MTW players over the summer improved my character enough to be allotted the position of captain @ NT. The MTW players on the other teams throughout the season were always evident because they were the ones that were always ‘game-planned’ to stop.”

Carlo Onorati LB St. Francis Xavier — St. Michaels CollegeMe, Jansen and Ari were having a conversation yesterday about the website. We can’t believe how amazing it’s getting. You guys are doing a great job helping to promote our team and us (all the wildcats). Just wanted to let you know that a couple University Coaches came up and said they’d been to the website and are quite impressed and that it helps them find talent. I myself have been entertaining a few offers to attend 1 AUS school and numerous Ontario Football School. Jansen has been recruited all over the map, including some brief interest from down south… just wanted to give you an update and say thanks. February 18th is
getting close, I look forward to it.”