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Mandeep Mann
Head Coach

Gavin Campbell
Assistant Coach

Sarah Smith



We are always thrilled when an MTW Alumnus returns to MTW years after graduating to offer assistance. One such person is Mandeep Mann, a member of those great final four 2004 and 2005 MTW varsity teams, is coming back to MTW in 2017 and 2018 as Atom Head Coach.

He is actually coming back for his third season as an MTW coach. In summer 2016 he was key to the success of the 6-2 tyke team that went to the final and was within a whisper of winning the title. He then took on the challenge of a unified Atom fall team where as Head Coach he endured a myriad of challenges most coaches should not be subjected to.


But these two seasons showed him the best and worst about coaching and he has risen from the flames with a passion for coaching and a real connection with the great kids he had the “privilege of coaching.”


He is committed to become the best coach he can and will be surrounding himself with the best he can find to help solidify a program that was one year from a championship in 2015!