Eric Dibartolomeo
Head Coach

Robbie Steeves
Assistant Coach

Iain Kinch
Assistant Coach

Corey Russell
Assistant Coach

Rosanne Rogers

Head Coach Dibartolomeo

MTWFC is happy to announce Eric DiBartolomeo as the new Bantam Head Coach. His addition adds stability at the top of that program for the next 2-3 years and he will work closely with Peewee Head Coach Lio and new JV coach Devastey to ensure the smooth transition to and from his partner programs above and below.


Peewee HC Marcello Lio             Bantam HC DiBartolomeo        Junior HC Dominick Devastey

Eric enjoyed a “test run” with MTWFC with the fall Bantams and earned a strong reputation in a short time as a coach with skills above his years and and an engaging demeanor that the players and fellow coaches enjoyed.


Out of  Windsor Ontario Coach DiBartolomeo has amassed a solid coaching resume already. After cutting his coaching teeth at the tyke level in Windsor Minor, he began moving east, first as head Coach of the Niagara Storm peewee, then to the east side of Hamilton as defensive coordinator for the JV Hamilton Steelers.


The next year saw Eric move further east as linebacker coach for the Varsity Oakville Longhorns. After work sent him back to the Windsor area he hooked up with one of his former teams the Chatham Kent Cougars of the OFC where he was the defensive coordinator for the peewee team.


This past summer his job moved him once again this time to the GTA where he hopes to settle in with MTWFC. His multiple roles and various levels is appealing to the Cats as it fits the need for open minded, flexible coaches able to handle the new direction which is based on standards at all levels of the program and head coach coordination.