Russ Hoff

russ-hoffA 5-year CIS player at York and University of Toronto, Coach Hoff has been volunteering as a coach and administrator in the OVFL since 2004.  From 2004-2009, he served first as a coach and for four seasons as organizational president of the Etobicoke Eagles.  During his time there, the Eagles gained a reputation of competitiveness and excellence in player and coach development.  Over the span of that time, the Eagles Varsity team also made it to the OVFL conference finals in 4 of 6 seasons. The Eagles won the OVFL Varsity championship in 2006.  Coach Hoff was elected to the OVFL Hall of Fame in 2010 in the President’s category.

Coach Hoff has taught high school in Toronto since 2006, and has coached in high schools since 2003.  He has led several championship teams in that time, and founded the football program at Downsview Secondary School in 2010.

Coach Hoff has a belief that the sport of football has the ability to reveal young people’s character, and help them learn the skills and tools they need, to develop into strong members of their communities.


Coaching Highlights –
-2006 OVFL Varsity Champions (Etobicoke Eagles)
-2006 Toronto Bowl Champions (Richview CI)
– 2012 & 2013 Toronto Tier 2 Champions (Downsview SS)
– 2006-2008 Coach, Team Ontario West
– 2010-2013 – GTA Rising Stars Head Coach
-2014 – GTA Ontario Prospects Challenge Head Coach