Updated: February 2, 2014

MTW has been servicing the Toronto area since 1998 and has recently grown from 3 to 7 summer and fall football teams. We have a very diverse and talented group of kids who are coached by experienced and committed volunteers. In fact, everyone involved in the organization is a volunteer, from the Board of Directors on down.

We teach the sport at a very high level and preach teamwork, discipline, respect, and the importance of education. We strive to build confidence and future community leaders.

Our territory covers much of central Toronto, including some very poor and rough neighbourhoods. Many children who would be interested and could obviously benefit from our program can barely afford bus fare, let alone the fees for playing football.

At MTW, we are committed to helping all kids play by providing aid and maintaining costs at a reasonable level. However, player fees alone don’t cover our annual expenses, which continue to grow. For example, the cost for field permits increased by 400% last year!

For this reason, we are reaching out for help from donors and potential corporate sponsors to help keep us a successful community organization and continue to involve the youth of our city in a positive, healthy and productive manner.

All donors will be recognized in our team programs. For those interested in Sponsoring $500 or more, please contact Cathy Rober at to discuss different marketing opportunities.

Thank you for your help!