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Can I apply for a grant?

Yes BUT just like a job application, you might get it, you might not. It is important to understand that applying for a grant is no assurance the process will yield all of the funds requested, part of the funds or any of the funds. Also even if the process is successful, the funds may not come in to MTW until well after the funds are needed by MTW to pay its own bills and operate that season. This is why MTW asks for half of the fees as a down payment, and that applicants are still expected to use all fundraising oppounities available to them to raise their fee.  This also helps the granting foundation because any part of the grant that becomes unneeded can be returned to foundation and reallocated by them. It keeps the main funds viable. Do NOT rely on a grant!

I can’t pay the fee, can my son still play?

Yes! If given the time MTWFC can work with anyone within our fundraising model to ensure they meet the fee requirement.

Do you hold tryouts?

No. MTW FC is about bringing youth to the game of football and is open to anyone wanting to play.

Do you cut players?

No. Players and families make their own decisions whether to stay or not.

Will my son play?

Our coaches at all levels do their very best to ensure all players see playing time. Factors playing into the determination of this can include safety of the player, performance level, practice attendance, attitude, game situation all which are determined by the coaching staff.

Can I get money back if my son doesn’t play?

No the player fee and playing time are not connected. Once registered the fees are used to operate the club. There is no money to give back.

Who do I talk to about my sons playing time?

Parents are free to talk directly to the coaches regarding this issue mindful that it must be done in a mature non-confrontational fashion as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

When do we get our equipment deposit back?

Within 1 month after return due date

We go on vacation during the season; can we still be part of MTW?

It depends on the amount of time lost. Work with your coach to determine if it makes sense for both the team and family.

Does anyone at MTW receive a salary, stipend or honorarium?

No. MTWFC is 100% volunteer based except for our medical personnel

Where does our fee go?

Player fees account for about 70% of the per-player cost to run MTWFC. The rest must be made up through fundraising and sponsorship. The fee can be broken down as follows

  • Practice and Game Field Permits 30% 2014 $31,000
  • League Fees 30% – 2014 $40,000
  • New Equipment and certification – 15% – 2014 $10,000
  • Medical coverage – 10% – 2014 $10,000
  • Referees – 5%
  • Storage rental – 5%


Best of the rest

  1. I know I can’t afford to play summer football. Is it worth even contacting MTW?
    A. YES! If you let us know early enough and are willing to stick to a plan, we can work with you through our many resources to help you pay your fee. We are VERY EXPERIENCED in working with families and players with obstacles to paying their fee, so much that breaking down those obstacles in the cornerstone of our MISSION STATEMENT. You want to play? If you COMMIT to us we will commit to you and YOU WILL PLAY!
  2. What level of football does MTW play?
    A. MTW plays competitive football. This means the goal is to develop the players within the mindset that we want to be successful within the League and win games.
  3. I’m sorry I don’t really understand this.
    A. For our program and in the OVFL/OMFL within which we play, there is a scale by which we value winning versus participation. No matter what level you play within the MTW system there is a value to winning and a value to participating. The higher the level you play the more the value on winning. This means coaches allot more practice time and playing time to players they deem will give them the best chance to win, as you rise up through the age levels. The next level after varsity is College, CJFL and NCAA football where winning is THE most important thing. The level below is house league where the value on winning is there but at the lowest level on the scale.
  4. So if my son or daughter receives less participation time in practice and games than another can I not get any of the fees back?
    A. No and we can qualify that answer. First the policy is in place because MTW as a non profit operates at minimum to break even. Our formula to do that is based on players paying their full fee with a small buffer to deal with players who leave for any reason before May 17th and trigger the refund policy. After May 15th the fees are exhausted paying for the requirements we need to play in this league, namely team fees, practice and game field permits, medical coverage and equipment costs. If our policy allowed for a player by player “pay back” scale as the season progresses we could not adhere to a budget or payment schedule to those we rely on the keep the program operating. Secondly, MTW is upfront with this policy, enough so that a family or player can decide on the other option which is House league, and before committing the fee to us.
  5. What are the player fees for 2015 and winter camp
    A. OVFL is $750, OMFL $500 and OVFFL $500 plus a refundable $100 equipment deposit.
    A. The Winter Camp fee is $15 OMFL  or $100 OVFL.
  6. What is involved in your winter camp?
    A. This INDOOR camp runs once per week for 10 weeks in February, March and April. It is non-contact, non-equipment and combines activities to develop skills, fitness and education of the game and the MTW system. It is a chance to become familiar with the coaches and teammates, learn and have fun in a developmental atmosphere.
  7. Is Winter Camp mandatory?
    A. No and here’s why. We understand during these months that players are in school and may be engaged in studies, school sports or other school related activities that could preclude the evening winter camp sessions. We believe potential players would benefit greatly from participating in WC but not to that point where missing it would leave them too far behind to catch up once they join in outdoor pre season camp mid April. Again the importance of winter camp grows as players rise up through the age brackets.
  8. Are there any ways we can offset the fees?
    A. Yes. Players can be given Season’s Passes. For players under 18 there is a grant available from KidSport (up to $250). For players 18 or over there are other opportunities to Work-For-Fee or personal sponsorship.
  9. Do you have a “Payment Plan” and what is it?
    A. Yes, this is a three-fee payment arrangement made with MTW through the Registrar or the team Governor that starts upon request and MUST END before Friday May 15th. To be eligible payment plans must be up to date.
  10. I am on a payment plan, what do you mean “Up to date”
    A. You have made your payments on time and any NSF cheques has already been replaced
  11. What if I have just come to MTW and want to be on a payment plan? 
    A. You can give us a down payment of 1/3rd now, collect equipment and pay the rest by May 15 through a post dated cheque
  12. Will payment plans be offered after May 15?
    A. No, the fee must be paid in full after May 15.
  13. What do we do first?
    A. PRE -REGISTER. Fill in our on line pre-registration form to get into our database and establish a communication line with us and give us some information on the player. We can then begin updating you via email with any new developments and important dates.
  14. What do we need to register?
    A. Your full fee or first 1/3rd installment of the payment plan.
    A. The completed set of registration forms.
  15. What are the “Forms”
    A. The forms contained in the Registration Pack
  16. Where do we register?
    A. Regular registration sessions will be two fold in January and at each winter camp session. Other sessions will be announced on the website.
  17. If I’m unsure but still want to come out and try the game, can I get a refund?
    A. You qualify for a full refund minus a $150 administration fee until the Friday midnight after the first exhibition game. After this there will be no refunds.
  18. Who can practice?
    A. Players who are in good standing and/or have sanctioned equipment
  19. What is “good standing”?
    A. A player in good standing has:
    1. all forms signed and in the hands of the registrar
    2. Paid in full
    3. On a payment plan with payments up to date
    4. ID checked
  20. Where and when do we practice:
    A. Unless otherwise stated outdoor practice from April 1 to June 1st is at Esther Shiner Stadium at Bathurst and Finch. After that teams will be at Upper Canada College, Marshall McLuhan. Practices generally run from 6:30-8:30 and two or three times per week. OMFL & OVFFL Tykes, Atoms and Peewees (ages 6-12 in 2013) generally run Mondays and Wednesday and OVFL (13-18 yrs old in 2013) generally run Tuesdays and Thursdays. If a third is required it will be run Fridays.
  21. Where can I find the practice schedule?
    A. At the League websites or the MTW website. Check back regularly as this schedule is subject to change.
  22. I have brought my own equipment. Can I practice?
    A. Only if you have signed the OVFL equipment waiver (in Registration Pack) and are otherwise in good standing.
  23. Can I wear a non MTW helmet?
    A. Only if you have signed the equipment waiver and it matches colour.
  24. I am in good standing but do not have my equipment, can I practice?
    A. NO, but you can be with your unit in street clothes.
  25. I am in good standing but am injured, can I attend practice?
    A. YES we expect you too! You can be in practice wear with your unit or with the therapist
  26. I want to play but am having trouble with my funds to even start a payment plan. Is there anything I can do? 
    A. YES but you must discuss your situation with your team’s governor SO CONTACT the governor at the email address on the website. You may not be able to play right away but we can try to get you there.
  27. When is the next equipment issue session?
    A. Will be announced on the website.
  28. I am still unsure whether or not I can practice. What do I do? 
    A. You do NOT practice until you contact your team governor to resolve any questions you might have.
  29. How can I reach the governor?
    A. See the “contact “ page on the website.
  30. I still don’t completely understand? To whom do I direct my questions? 
    A. Your team governor, NOT the person who issues equipment and not the head coach unless it is a football specific question.
  31. Do all players receive equal playing time in this league?
    A. Some players will get more field time when a game situation requires more advanced players. Several other factors including safety considerations will also affect positional assignments and the amount of game day field time.
  32. Where are the other teams in the league?
    A. The club plays across south central Ontario against other clubs such as Windsor Essex, Sault Ste Marie, Ottawa, Hamilton, Halton, Markham, Newmarket, Oshawa, Scarborough, London, Pickering.
  33. Do the clubs provide transportation to “away” games?
    A. Except for fall football, the Wildcats are transported to away games by bus. At least one adult will be on the bus.
  34. Are players expected to attend every practice?
    A. All outdoor practices are mandatory and a key element to participation on the team. If for any reason a practice is to be cancelled the team governor will email to the address you have provided. Please advise the governor of any change of address and phone numbers. All practices continue during rain except in the case of lightning storms.
  35. Where do we play our games?
    A. All home games are played at Ester Shiner Stadium which is located just north of the corner of Bathurst & Finch (West off of Bathurst St.). For our away games, the players are assembled in the north parking at Lawrence Park CI High School and taken to the opposing team’s stadium by Coach Canada.  The times for assembly will vary according to where our game is being played, but generally speaking, assembly is approximately one and a half hours before the scheduled kick-off. Team managers will inform the players of the assembly time in the practice week prior to the game.
  36. Do I need to purchase equipment?
    A. No. The Metro Toronto Wildcats football club provides all of the player’s equipment except for cleats which can be purchased at any major sporting goods store. A $100 deposit is required for the equipment and is refunded at the end of the season upon return of the player’s equipment and sports bag.
  37. The weather is bad. How do I know if the practice is cancelled or not?
    A. Unless there is lightening we will practice and that decision is made at the practice location. If coming from a distance, use common sense.