Coach brandon Kushnir Metro Toronto Wildcats Bantam


Previous game report:

Opponent: Cumberland panther

Win/lose: 20-14 overtime win

What was the best part of your play in the win/loss? The second half.  Kids woke up after a long bus ride and took it to Cumberland.  The defense locked it down giving up no points and creating a few turnovers which gave the offense momentum to have a few long successful drives.

What did your team struggle with in the win/loss?: The 5 am bus to Ottawa. We didn’t seem to wake up until the second half but then we looked like a different team.

What do you need to improve:? Playing for the guy beside you and trusting he will do the same.

Who were your key players?: Dante Lee Walford, Shamar Headley, David dobbins, Horatio Martin.

Who were your surprise players?: Oliver Howell, Moe Bittar

What was the main reason you won/lost?: After going down 14 – 0 early, the defense held it down and changed the momentum of the game which the offense capitalized.

Feel of the team after the game?: We got work to do.

Main message after the game?:

It only gets harder from here


Down 14 -0 at half.  14 14 early 4th MTW has the ball on 1 yard line 2nd n goal with 40 seconds left – offense fumbles at the half yard line. Cumberland recovers. Mtw defense comes on field hits the qb and causes a fumble. The ball is picked up by metro defense and ran back for a TD – ref blows whistle and calls incomplete pass. Cumberland takes a knee and the game goes to OT. Mtw defense gets a pick during early during overtime then Horatio martin scored a 35 yard TD on a swing pass the next play.


POTW O – Horatio Martin

POTW D – Dante Lee Walford

POTW ST – Chris John

Upcoming game:

Opponent: Pickering Dolphins

What do you know about your opponent?: 1-0 (beat Oshawa 44 – 12 last week). Athletic team with good size. Have game breakers that can make big plays at any time. Running qb who likes to get out on the edge. Big fast aggressive defense.

Special considerations when preparing for opponent?: Take care of our own business.

Feeling of the team coming into your game?: ready to go to work.

Injuries?: cole hardy, carter gammage, Dante Lee Walford, Omari Hastings

Expect big games from?: Omari Hastings, Keon Edwards, Troy Holness, Wes Wier.