Junior Game Reports

Trevor Thompson



Cumberland Panthers

What do you know about your opponent?:

Cumberland will be multiple on offence that will be challenging to defend.  Historically they have had a very strong rushing attack that includes a unique double wing formation.  They have also demonstrated they can spread you out and attack vertically as well.  Defensively they will be solid as well.  They are well coached on both sides of the ball.

Special considerations when preparing for opponent?:

For this match-up we need to focus on ensuring we our prepared to execute our system and our individual assignments.  This is a young team very early in the season.  Many players are still challenging for starting roles.  We will learn a great deal from our performance this weekend.

Feeling of the team coming into your game?:

With youth come excitement!  We are looking forward to the challenge.  While we benefited from the experience of a full scrimmage last week this one is for real.  I’m looking forward to seeing our young player rise to meet the challenge.


We are suffering from a few early season injuries but other players will need to step up to fill those voids in all three phases of the game.

Expect big games from?:

We need big games from our veteran players.  Esson Hamilton and Lennox Murray need to make some dynamic plays for us offensively and on special teams.  Defensively we need strong performances from Jesse Amaral at linebacker and from our defensive secondary lead by Shomari Hutchinson and Jason Richards.