Updated: July 31, 2017


[Photos Courtesy Yasmin Bhullar] What can you possibly say about the 2017 JV Wildcats. Well after the regular season most pundits would have told you MTW had no chance a) against York in the quarters and b) let alone coming close to the undefeated Etobicoke Eagles in the Semi’s, the Final Four. Certainly the OVFL Tipster didn’t give us a W. Well this extremely well coached group didn’t agree. If you saw either of these two regular season games the J’s were actually very competitive. Even in the Etobicoke 41-14 loss in week 8 the Cats were in it for a good portion of the game. So after the quarterfinal wipeout of York you would have thought Etobicoke would have expected a fight from the surging Wildcats in the semi finals. Maybe they did but it still took them overtime to eek out a 39-38 win over our boys. MTW was up 7-6 after the first Q and 17-15 after Q3 so everyone in the stadium knew this was going to be a cat-bird fight all afternoon at Henry Carr. We were 1 point away for the ‘ship.

It is of no solace to tell these guys they had a great season, they made the playoffs after a winless 2016 season, or they should be happy to have gotten this far. Of course that’s true but also in fact this was a championship calibre team that proved it, peaking at just the right time and MTW JV has not come this far since 2010. They expected to win and had a right too.

We thank and congratulate our great coaching staff and Governor Sophia. We congratulate the players for staying on the coaches message and believing their best game hadn’t happened in the regular season. Most of all the MTW organization thanks this team for the shot in the arm it gave the program at a time when it was very much needed.

Congrats JCats!