Updated: March 14, 2017

From Gold and Blue of the Toronto Wildcats in 2006 to the Double Blue of the Toronto Argonauts in 2017! It’s come full circle… 11 years since J’Michael Deane last represented the City when his Wildcats lost to the Mississauga Warriors in the OVFL semi finals on a wet night at Esther Shiner Stadium.

J’Mike with fellow grads after their last MTW game in 2006

Now the stadium’s 5 times the size, the league the CFL and he’s a 7 year pro but who would have known when J’Mike brought the Cup to us a few weeks ago that in a blink he would be bringing his game to BMO field and the Argos, joining Matt Black and thus becoming the first pair of former Cats to represent their home team Boatman!

Feb 26th Visiting MTW with the Cup!

It’s an amazing turn of events for Big J who the last time we saw him Feb 26 was not sure where his career was taking him and there were three CFL teams vying for the free agent. Certainly it must have been karma after all J’Mike made so many new friends that day at Boston Pizza who will never forget shaking his hand and holding that Cup!

J just HAD to be coming to the Six after that day!

Now from a pure football perspective the Argos could really use a versatile O lineman like J’Mike. New HC Trestman has already pinned franchise player Rickey Ray as his starter and they need blindside protection for him of the type J offered future another future Hall of Fame QB Henry Burris during the Grey Cup run last year with the Red Blacks.

#64 is even leaner, quicker. He’s needed to protect the Argos most prized asset..QB Ricky Ray …just as he did last year with Burris above.

One look at J Mike now and back when he won the Cup and you will notice the guy has spent some time in the gym! He’s leaner now, just as strong or stronger which means his feet are quicker. He can play guard or tackle and with this nudge in quickness can even better handle all these outside speed rushers on the edge in the CFL.

MTW-Argo Dynamic Duo Matt Black 2001-2003, J’Michael Deane 2004-2006

We can definitley say for MTW its going to be even more exciting to watch J’Mike together with Matt as the CFL flagship Argo’s looks to bring that Cup back again. And for the Argos they just sold a few more tickets so good on’ya and Congrats J’Michael Deane!!!