Acquiring permits to practice and play is for MTW an annual nightmare. First we have cost. Catholic Board fees cost about $4o/hour, Toronto District Board fees about $55, City stadium fields about $150 and private schools anywhere between $200 and $300/hour. Then we have the availability. We have serious competitors in the GTA other centers just don’t have. Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and Rugby offer stiff competition for time on any of the above fields. Finally we have the quality obstacle. Generally the cheaper the field the lower the quality. Put that all together and we have a situation 2016-11-08_14-11-55where the rich gobble up the quality fields and the plenty (soccer) gobble up the cheaper fields. We are neither rich nor plenty. But that brings us to the light at the end of the tunnel. Is there a solution?

Well there is no doubt if we doubled our playing fee or even increased it by 30% we would have a chance to lock up some of the better venues when we want them. But in doing so the new team fee would alienate a large percentage of our families who rely on grants, aid and time just to make the fee we charge now. And our new fee would be ridiculously high as compared to our competitors even in the lesser leagues to the west (Jets) and south (Jr Argos).

Our solution will be to have practice time sponsored in the best facilities we can get. Premium facilities include turf fields such as Upper Canada College, De La Salle, Esther Shiner Stadium or North Toronto CI. We will have sponsors pay for one (single $300) or two (a FULL $600 week of) practices per week, per level. We need to reach a goal of 32 practices covered for each of the OVFL (DOB 1998-2004)  and OMFL (2005-2011) levels.

With more money in to coffers early, we can apply and pay for the best fields, if available, much earlier than ever before and (here’s the key) UP FRONT! Equally as important, the burden of the cost does not have to fall on the shoulders of our players and families, the MTW Team Fee will remain the same.

A sponsor will purchase a practice, indicate level of play either OMFL, OVFL or either and pay for the time online at our payment page. We will announce on the site the names of our sponsors unless they want to remain anonymous.

Help get us there!


Sponsor Update