Updated: February 16, 2017

Since 2010 Downsview has been a top 2 feeder school for MTW and a Top 4 TDSB Football powerhouse  so it made sense that it was amongst our top 2 destinations for the 2017 MTW School Tour Recruiting stops. Varsity Coach Babin and Club President Richardson were thrilled to meet a great core of new DSS Mustangs!

It might be the close proximity to MTW venues that brings so many Mustangs to MTW. It certainly could be Coach Hoff. He is  is a two time MTW OVFL Coach of The Year with MTW, our first OVFL Championship coach and our most recent varsity coach before Coach Gretes. Whatever the reason is Downsview SS is one of the current cornerstones of the MTW program so its understandable why so many of MTW’s award winners and honour roll players since ’10 are from that school. We aim to keep it that way and look forward to working with Coach Hoff and the Mustang Football program for years to come!

All that said MTW can never take for granted schools like DSS. These players are being offered the moon and the football truth out there is cloudy so we were excited to be able to go in an enlighten the players as to the clear picture that is MTW.


On the fee the Mustangs now know MTW, as we always were, is flexible and will match any offer from any other team IF THEY WANT TO PLAY MTW! Simple as that. It took us a while to understand what was yanking at the GTA players wanting to play summer ball but once we did we have spent 6 months putting mechanisms in place that will help MTW help you if you need it! There are reasons why MTW wont attract ALL GTA players but the cost is no longer one of them!

Thanks for having us Downsview and Coach Hoff!