Updated: July 24, 2017

We had 3 games Saturday including the tyke final regular season game and the Varsity and JCat Quarterfinals. A scheduling mix up ruined the day for the tykes and the VCats unfortunately ran up against a peaking Thunder squad who took us down 35-7.

But then came the JV squad who travelled to Aurora to take on the York Lions who beat them 30-24 in the regular season. Lets not sugar coat this the Cats mauled the Lions in the first half to the tune of 39-6 on the backs of a balanced passing and running attack and a conversion of Lions turnovers. The second half was an expected back and forth ending in a shocking (or maybe not) 46-20 win. This was MTW’s first playoff win in several years and one of the most convincing playoff wins ever for an MTW squad rivalling those 8-0 and 7-1 JV squads of the late 2000’s.

This was a rallying point for everyone at MTW after a challenging season so to the players and staff…well done, congratulations and most of all…THANK YOU!