Updated: February 27, 2017

What an afternoon that was! Thanks to Boston Pizza for packing in a huge throng of current, former and future Wildcats and families for our visit from Ottawa Red Black, 2016 Grey Cup Champ and former Wildcat J’Michael Deane who brought the Cup for all to see.

The poor guy never saw a chair for 2 straight hours as the kids got their chance with the champ and the cup. Then their parents got to be kids themselves and hoist that cup high!

Flashes abound, cell phones held high as Governor Sophia Bittar was on the mic trying keep the traffic lines to a minimum and run the silent auction at the same time.

The former OVFL All Star, MTW and OVFL Hall of Famer and Michigan State Big 10 Champion also took some time for some one on ones with players of all sizes to talk anything from bullying to workout routines.

It really was an amazing time and we thank J’Mike for dropping by! We hope his time waiting for free agency to end is soon and we are excited at seeing him back in Toronto maybe even as an Argo!