Updated: March 25, 2013
Stefan Charles Metro Toronto Wildcats Alumni CFL Combine 2013

Remember when you watch the video or see the stats of this former Wildcat at the 2013 CFL Combine that he stands 6’6′ and runs 324 pounds! Stefan Charles of the Regina Rams and MTW ’08, blew away the CFL scouts and training camp with a mind blowing 37″ vertical jump! Put it this way, that mark was the not only the best of any O or D lineman at the camp but he beat the top 2 QB’s, 7 of the top 10 defensive backs, 5 of the top 6 running backs, 6 of the top 7 linebackers and every receiver but one at the combine. That is astonishing! Then good ole Stef threw around the O linemen in the 1 on 1’s and you can see in our video. The way this guy can move his weight is freakish. MTW talked to Stef last week and he told us while he was confident coming in, he would not be in top condition and that when he is in “season shape” how he will be better on all fronts. C’mon!

Stefan’s performance has not only reaffirmed his top 5 draft spot status but may have just put him at #1. What we are looking forward to his MTW ’06 grad and current Calgary Stampeder O Lineman J’Michael Deane (6’5 310lbs), taking on Stef in the CFL next year. Thats about 12’11” of height and 630 pounds of former Cat tangling. The mind boggles!