Updated: March 20, 2017

There are funds for 14-19 year old players if qualified. Please read the guidelines below and get on with the process immediately! The Tyson Bailey Fund (TBF) honours a positive young man who was a leader in and outside of the classroom.



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Please read through The Tyson Bailey Fund Grant guidelines before beginning the grant application.

Tyson was a high school student at Central Technical School in Toronto.  A vibrant, hardworking 15 year old with an infectious smile and a passion and real talent for the game of football, his desire to play at a rep level was a driving force that kept him focused on school and out of trouble.

Unfortunately, Tyson was shot and killed in a Regent Park housing complex in January of 2013. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and his case, to this date, remains unsolved. Had he survived, with the help we were willing to offer him, his future looked golden

For gifted teenage athletes, rep sports corresponds to increased opportunities for networking, university scholarships and a positive learning environment.

Participation at an elite level is not an issue for students with parents who can afford team fees, possible extra training and the equipment necessary to allow their child to be the best he/she can be at their chosen sport.

There IS funding to be found, for those not able to fully pay on their own, through Government programs in Ontario for Olympic sports. However, if your sport happens to fall outside this realm (as football does), opportunities for financial aid are slim.

Due to a general lack of support for talented, low income, teenaged athletes, in 2013 the SOS Fund was formed to help players within the Metro Toronto Wildcats Football Club (MTW).  As a future star within MTW and with his family’s blessing, we changed the name of our fund to honour Tyson’s memory.

Our goal at TBF is to provide an outlet for at-risk youth, many who have strong personalities. We aim to foster positive leadership and to generate opportunities, in particular for higher education. Organized sport is not only a great resource to keep kids healthy. Many rep teams in the GTA are a mixed bag of “have” and “have not” families. For many children from the Jane/Finch corridor or Regent Park areas, these teams can be an introduction to another way of life, to create a new family that revolves around the love of a particular sport.  They watch their teammates work hard at school and their sport to be “noticed”. Suddenly school and grades are on the radar, which is a different mindset from what many have grown up with. We also aim to create future community leaders and have seen many graduated players giving back to their former neighbourhoods.

Our goal is to grow the Tyson Bailey Fund to help other impoverished teenaged athletes. When able, we will first expand the program to other football clubs like MTW in the Toronto area. The hope is to be able to grow enough to be a resource for other rep Sports for both young males and females within the Greater Toronto Area.


  1. How does Tyson Bailey Fund (TBF) determine eligibility?

TBF considers social and economic barriers facing the athlete and his family.

  1. What is covered under TBF funding?

TBF generally covers up to $350 per calendar year for athletes between the ages of 14-17 and up to $500 for those 18 &19 years of age, to be applied to registration fees.

  1. What documentation do I need to include with my application?

If you are are 17 or under, proof of successful application to KidSport Ontario and an explanation of why you require assistance, as well as the amount you are requesting.

For those 18 and 19, we require a detailed explanation of need and the amount requested, attached to a TBF application form.

  1. Are there conditions that come with a successful application?

Yes!  All successful applicants are expected to take advantage of  available fundraising opportunities and contribute a minimum of $450 toward their fees.

Each applicant (or parent) must volunteer a minimum of 15 hours toward MTW related activities as defined in the MTW Volunteer Program.

  1. What is the deadline for applications?

Applications must be submitted by the end of April.

  1. What are the funding arrangements?

Funds for registration fees will be provided directly to MTW and your team Governor will notify you of a successful application.

If you have any questions regarding the TBF grant application guidelines, email info@tysonbaileyfund.com or phone 416 816-6050

Once your grant application is complete, please give it to your team Governor or Cathy Rober.

If you think you qualify download the application form here:

Download Application