Updated: January 5, 2017

MTW keeps its Team Fee competitive but even if every single family paid their fees in full and/or met their payment plan targets we still have a net loss at the end of the year which averages out to about $12,000 per year and hope that gate revenues and donations can make up the difference. It rarely does.  At the same time we do our very best to help our low income players and their families make the fees through seasons pass sales in addition to moneys they can get through the various grant opportunities. Grants are a 50/50 chance and even is successful the funding given in most cases does not make up the difference we need it to. So going forward we are going to try two new fundraising mechanisms called FLIPGIVE and GOFUNDME. And you can help!

Flipgive is an online shopping portal where a percentage of each purchase goes into the MTW campaign fund to be applied to player fees. It’s great for those who already shop online or are interested in giving it a try. Many top brands are partnered with FlipGive so you might be surprised what is available to you here. Especially good for gifts, clothes and even computer accessories!

Click image to view FlipGive campaign


GoFundMe is an up and coming online donation portal where one can make any size donation directly towards support of the Team Aid Fund or directly to a player on the “Wish List.”

Click image to view MTW GoFundMe campaign

Money in the funds can be withdrawn into the teams account directly and applied to deserving candidates to help us help them make their fee.

What you can do is forward these links to your network and using links on our website check in every once in a while to check progress. It’s one thing to have these campaigns running but it’s a whole other thing to have it out their in the minds of our friends when the time comes and they can help!

If you are a low income family finding it hard to meet the fee requirement then forward this and the links below to everyone you know could help and follow up!

HELPACAT Fundraiser


Shop at MTW FlipGive

Thanks for your help!