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The Metro Toronto Wildcats Football Club offers an off season indoor non-contact winter camp prior to the start of outdoor pre season camp in April. The goal of the camp is to teach the game, improve fitness levels and meet MTW people in a safe fun environment.

For 2017 there will be 15 sessions and three packages to choose from, a full 15 pack, a 10 pack and a 5 pack, to accommodate schedules. The camp is divided into 6-12 (TAP/OMFL) and 13-18 (OVFL) age groups and focuses on more general skills, drills and fundamentals than it does on program systems and philosophies. This a is a non contact camp, no equipment is issued so participants dress in basic exercise attire and bring water and any medical accessory required such as inhalers. It is a chance to meet coaches, governors, managers, potential teammates and learn MTW terminology and core drills.

Each session will have a standardized core which can be customized by the coaches depending on the number and type of athletes are there on the day. It is hoped by the end of the camp participants will be more ready to move outdoors for the 2017 spring/summer tackle season if they choose to do so.

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OMFL Camp Exclusions: Dec 24, 31, March 11, 18

OVFL Camp Exclusions: Dec 25, Jan 1 March 11,18


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