Glenn Cowie 2009-2017

Updated: January 28, 2017

Secretary: We call him the Mega Director! Entering his 8th year with MTW Glenn Cowie has become a fixture at MTW and it has benefited from Glenn’s participation in many, many, ways:

  • MTW Secretary – Officer of the Corporation
  • MTW Director
  • MTW TAP OMFL Director
  • MTW Head Coach – 2017 Peewee
  • MTW Head Coach – 2014 OVFL Peewee Finalists
  • MTW Assistant Coach
    • 2010 Bantam Wide receiver coach.
    • 2011 Bantam Wide receiver coach.
    • 2012 Bantam Wide reliever coach. Special teams coordinator. Interim Head Coach
    • 2013 Bantam receiver coach. Special teams coordinator
    • 2014 Peewee Wide receiver coach.
    • 2015 Peewee assistant coach. Special teams coordinator

He was coached by MTW President Chuck Richardson in high school for 3 years. He played Receiver for our Varsity Coach and Director Tom Gretes at York for 5 years and now he is giving back in a very very big way with pencil and on the ground.

You see where we’re going here. Glenn Cowie has been essential for maintaining stability to the organization to the point where we are now ready to redirect.

When you see him shake his hand!

Happy Birthday Glenn!