Cathy Rober 2007-2017

Updated: January 27, 2017

Medical/Tyson Bailey Fund: Cathy has been associated with MTW since 2007 and awarded the Programs Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012. She joined the Board in 2013. Cathy was the JV and Varsity Governor for 5 years. Her three sons, Justin, Danny and Luc Babin, were each long time Wildcats.

Coach Ed Babin,son Justin Babin MTW 2006-2010 and Cathy

Cathy is the MTW medical director and has been responsible for the development and implementation of our unparalleled medical program. The medical program includes comprehensive coverage by trained athletic therapists as well as a Sports Medicine doctor.

Cathy is also the President and co-founder of the Tyson Bailey Fund, where she works with underprivileged Toronto youth to ensure they have the funding to to allow them to play the sport they love.