Design Features | Leather - NATO® Style

Our Leather NATO® Style watch straps boast a design unique to BARTON. Those familiar with similar straps will notice that we've taken much of the bulk and weigh out by replacing the traditional metal rings of the 'G10' NATO® with complimentary leather rings. The result is a much cleaner look and more comfortable wear.

As with our Nylon NATO® Style watch straps, these straps also include a second layer to assure that the watch holds its position on the wrist and that the watch head does not fall off the band while it is being put on or taken off.

Optimal Fit

Our Leather NATO® Style straps are available in two lengths. The original or 'standard' length (10") generally fits wrists from 5" to 7 1/2" in circumference and is available in widths of 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. The 'long' version (11") generally fits wrists from 6" to 8 1/2" and is available in 20mm and 22mm widths. Those with wrists under 7" typically prefer the 'standard' length band and those with wrists over 7 1/4" typically prefer the 'long' band. If you do encounter a fit issue after purchase, we offer a money back guarantee

If you have purchased similar leather watch straps from another source, you've probably had issues with proper fit. The average person's wrist circumference is about 7-inches (6 to 7-inches for females and 7 to 8-inches for males). However, it is common to find NATO® style watch bands with lengths in excess of 12-inches that may be long enough to wrap around your wrist twice! In many cases the holes have not even been properly located to fasten it at all. When designing our bands, we studied several statistical analyses on the distribution of wrist sizes among various populations. The result is a band that accommodates not only a wide variety of watch designs, but also wrist circumferences covering over 95% of the general population.  

NATO specs and dimensions

Top Grain Leather

We utilize top grain bovine leathers that are hand selected and aniline dyed. Our dyes are selected to strike a balance, providing the desired finish and color while still allowing the natural appearance of the leather to shine through. The underside of the band is left unfinished for a comfortable fit against the wrist.

Stainless Steel Buckle

The leather NATO® Style uses a sturdy, 316L surgical grade stainless steel buckle, where others use lower grade steels, iron or even aluminum. The finishes on lower quality buckles can weather or wear off, leaving a dull, scrap-metal appearance. If you take a knife to our stainless steel components, you will find a material that 1) is solid all the way through, 2) is difficult to scratch or bend and 3) maintains its initial shine for many years.

Premium Stitching

Four rows of matched stitching provides additional strength and many years of use. Compare to these straps to others out there and you may notice that our stitching wraps all the way around the edge of the strap, where others do not.  Just one more sign of our attention to detail and commitment to quality.